Cecillia French

imageMy name is Cecillia Tom-French and I send you all my gratitude for considering me as your Bodywork Specialist

In 2012, I took a risk that would change my life forever. I began attending The National Holistic Institute of San Francisco's Core Massage Therapy Program as a single mother with no clue as to where this may lead. Over the course of a year, I attended night and weekend classes to which at the end of it all I graduated with Honors, an Award in Attendence, as well as Completion in Eastern and Western Massage Modalitites.

In May 2015, I continued my education in pain management and bodywork by joining my first of 9 Reposturing Certification classes. I cannot tell you enough how much love I have for this body of work. By creating structural balance we are able to harness our body's truest potential.

When I am not with client's, I enjoy being with my family and spending precious moments with my daughter. I also enjoy weightlifting and bodybuilding and wish to one day compete in a professional bodybuilding show.

I look forward to meeting and working with you.